Ready to get coached? Wondering where to get started?

The simple answer to that is: find a good coach. They will no doubt have a good process to get to know what you want to be coached on, what you might need, and where you can get started.

But what about the less simple answer?

Well, ultimately coaching is a process led by you, the client. You need to decide what areas of life you want to be coached on. How deep you want to go into vulnerable topics if you want to work on mindset, and if learning how to self coach will be part of your aims. Or do you just need to get your head above water before deciding on anything else?

I use a number of tools in my coaching to take a snapshot of where the clients are at, and what they may want to work on next. It’s often also useful to see what their Strengths and Values are. And I sometimes take a little inventory of what strategies they are already familiar with, in an area that needs work. But other than this, what we can work on in coaching is pretty endless, and up to you. You have to decide what you need and what you want to prioritize…

But that can lead to analysis paralysis. There are tools and strategies for so many things that can hold us back from doing our best work and living our ideal life, that it can become a little overwhelming. So I thought creating some kind of map of the different areas that coaching & strategies could be applied to might be helpful. Hopefully me creating a “bigger picture” will help you see what is possible.

As with any map: its purpose is to help you navigate through coaching and to reorient yourself now and again. Where do you want to move next? You can use it as a guide to brainstorm ideas when I ask you what you want to be coached on in your session. Or grab it to brainstorm where potential solutions might be found to a persistent question you are working on.

What is an area where YOU would like to have more strategies?

Want to get coached?

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Thanks to the experts I rely on in my research!

Credit where credit is due! In making this map I was partially inspired by Seth Perlers video on Executive Functioning Strategies for adults (click to go to his website) Some of the things he names I’ve kept, others I’ve split into multiple items because I think they are too complex to throw in together. And I’ve added quite a few new ones, like Big Picture thinking– that Cameron Gott from Translating ADHD likes to talk about. Then there is one of my own favourites to organise my brain in overwhelm: Visual Thinking (I have too many book recommendations to condense this down into one link!). And of course the very necessary skill of Emotional Regulation that Russel Barkley just released a nice scientific overview about in Additude Magazine. If that is interesting to you I highly recommend reading it: “DESR: Why Deficient Emotional Self-Regulation is Central to ADHD (and Largely Overlooked)”