Hi there! Good to see you.

If I had to summarize what we do here in a micro pitch it would be the following:

“Some of us are diamonds stuck in the rough.

We do not quite know how to shine YET, because most people around us have a hard time perceiving our unique strengths. They hyperfocus on what they see as flaws. And we sometimes hyperfocus on their negative feedback and try desperately to get better and fit in.

But there are other ways! Let us uncover your many brilliant facets together and begin to put them to good use! “

Have a look below, if you want to know a little more about what we are all about here…

Or you can….

Getting your coaching package

Curious to see what goes into coaching one-on-one with me? Here is an outline of the basic process for working together…

Steps in engageing with a coach. 

1- Book a free consultation
2- Strategy and planning session
3- Pick a coaching package
4-Show up and follow through
5- Done? Celebrate your progress!

Coaching has many advantages over other forms of support

Advantages of coaching

*Starts with you

*Tailormade to suit you

*Aids in trying out new strategies

*Helps you find what works

Here are some reasons why coaching is so effective

Why coaching for ADHD works:
Image gives further info on different things coaching can help you do...

Learning from experience with support
Break up old patterns and beliefs
Reflect and celebrate
Plan for the Future
Problem solve and make practical

Want to know more? Go to What is Coaching?

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