The Mikel Rijsdijk coaching grant 2023 is open for submissions now!

Grant application open till August 20th

This is just a short announcement to let you know that the Mikel Rijsdijk coaching grant is now launched for its 3rd year in a row. What was once a dream is now a returning piece of my yearly planning.

I can hardly believe it! I will be forever grateful for the many people that helped me in some way to overcome the barriers of setting this up. My partners at the Neurodiversity Education Academy and the Neurodiversity Foundation and the coaching clients that pay the full rate and help make this a possibility!

And -of course- Mikels remaining family members for giving this their blessing!

I benefited SO MUCH from having the lens of looking at my ADHD (and my autistic and dyslexic traits) as neurodiversity, and from the support of ND-affirming coaching. And because of that it has been a deep wish to pay it forward and make coaching more accessible for those who normally cannot afford it.

Want to know more?

I invite you to read more about the coaching grant on the landing page. Or here, where I go into my reasons for creating the grant.

If you want to apply straight away you can go to the google form for application. But please do check the dates on the landing page. You need to make sure you are available for the group coaching elements in the offering!

No need for free coaching and education, but still want to help?

If you can afford coaching, know that by coaching with me you are contributing to this grant’s continued existence. You can book a free consultation for full-fee coaching programs here: >>

You could also REALLY help me out by introducing me to parties who might be interested in sponsoring a grant like mine. This would help me open up more spaces in the program. If you want to have an exploratory call or chat first, I’m happy to talk. Please book a short call with me through this link –>>, or contact me on LinkedIn.

Help me reach others

The only requirements for possibly participating in the grant- when awarded- are

  • a reasonable level of English,
  • a good internet connection with access to zoom,
  • being available for the group coaching and individual coaching in a CET timezone (see landing page for dates and times).

I invite everyone to help me spread word of this grant into the many intersectional communities. Especially the ones that lack access to affordable and stigma-free coaching for neurodivergent people. Sharing is caring!

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