the Mikel Rijsdijk Memorial grants 2022 have been awarded

The first days of September are a mix of feelings of stress, responsibility, and joy as I get to announce the recipients of my coaching grant for the second year in a row. This grant is meant to help neurodivergent clients who have financial barriers to coaching services.

If you have not heard of this grant before, you can read more here The application process is opened once a year in early summer, and winners are announced in early September. If you, or your company, would like to sponsor the grant or know potential sponsors, I would LOVE for us to connect.

Because I am really committed to the goal of making coaching accessible even to people with fewer means, I have decided to not only reward a total of 3 full grants. But I also decided to create 4 partial grants for the Strengths-Based portion of the program.

For reasons of privacy, I will not be announcing the grant recipients publicly. Thank you all who helped spread the message to those who needed to know of the grant and I hope you will help me again in the spring of next year to repeat the process.

For now, I cannot wait to get to work with this group. For those who want to join the Strengths-Based group coaching program that these recipients will be starting off with, I will make announcements for the paid participation in this program SOON!

This grant has been made possible by the generous collaboration of the Neurodiversity Foundation – who consulted on its form and function and will hopefully help me reach many worthy applicants. And the Neurodiversity Education Academy – which allowed me to offer some of my income-generating courses to grant recipients for free.

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If you are able to pay full price for coaching please be aware that every full-price client helps me to offer this grant to more people in need.

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