A 3-4 yyear old girl with curly hair looks smiling to the top right corner of the picture. She has different colours of paint smeared over het face, body and sleeveless shirt. The is a yelllow ribboned bow in her hair


” What is creativity after all, but impulsivity gone right? Encourage it in your child and use it yourself. “


Unleashing my creativity has often been a way for me to get unstuck when I was at my whits end. Thankfully my parents were appreciative of the arts and they really understood the benefits of messy play. I have a similar childhood picture to the above – where they had me printing my painted body onto old rolls of wallpaper…

As I became an adult however it became harder and harder to turn to these messy, crazy methods when I got stuck. Because people did not get it. They thought I was weird. Or I was afraid they would. And as I forced myself into traditionally accepted patterns of working, I got more and more stuck. Until I was entirely miserable and unable to finish any of my cherished projects.

Thankfully I found mentors along the way that reminded me of childhood powers and encourages me to undercover them. To dare to be creative and playful again, even if others might find me weird or silly. Because what exactly did I value more? Becoming unstuck? Or not being silly?

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